Cheese & Tomato Pizza Vegetarian
Ham & Pineapple Pizza
Ham & Mushroom Pizza
Pepperoni & Onion Pizza
Beef & Onion Pizza
Chilli Special Pizza
Chilli Sauce Base
Chilli sauce base, onion, mushrooms, green peppers and hot green chillies
Vegetarian Pizza Vegetarian
Onion, mushrooms and green peppers
Chicken Supreme Pizza Spicy
Spicy chicken, mushrooms and sweetcorn
Tuna Special Pizza Fish
Tuna, mushrooms and sweetcorn
Vegetarian Special Pizza Vegetarian
Mushrooms, green peppers, onion, fresh tomato and sweetcorn
Super Vegetarian Pizza Vegetarian
Onion, sweetcorn, pineapple, black olives and oregano
Seafood Special Pizza Fish
Onion, tuna, prawns and olives
Indian Feast Pizza
Masala Sauce Base
Masala sauce base, onion, chicken tikka and oregano
German Special Pizza
Pepperoni, onion and green peppers
Sanchos Special Pizza
Ham, onion, mushrooms, green peppers, pepperoni and pineapple
Super Delight Pizza
Garlic Sauce Base
Garlic sauce base, tomato, onion, ham, mushrooms, salami, fresh garlic and pineapple
Beef Special Pizza
Spicy beef, fresh tomato, onion, mushrooms and green peppers
Meatland Pizza
Spicy beef, ham and salami
Bavarian Pizza
Salami, onion, ham, mushrooms and jalapenos
Peri Peri Chicken Pizza
Peri peri chicken, onion, mushrooms and green peppers
Hot & Spicy Pizza
Ham, onion, pepperoni, sweetcorn and jalapenos
Tropical Pizza
Pepperoni, salami, sweetcorn, green peppers and pineapple
Spicy Wings Pizza
Peri peri wings, onion, fresh tomato and mushrooms
Fried Chicken & Donner Pizza
Fried chicken, donner meat, onion, fresh tomato and mushrooms
Create Your Own Pizza
Create Your Own
Can't decide? Create your own pizza! Includes 4 toppings of your choice.